I am a postdoctoral researcher at the laboratory for computational and statistical learning (Machine learning Genoa center, University of Genoa, Italy), where I work under the supervision of Lorenzo Rosasco.

Until november 2020, I was a PhD student within the Panama research group (IRISA, Université de Rennes 1, France). I worked there under the supervision of Rémi Gribonval on compressive learning, a paradigm for large-scale machine learning which consists in compressing a dataset down to a single vector of random moments, from which the learning task is then performed.

My research interests include compressive learning and sensing, other methods for large-scale learning such as sketching and dimensionality reduction, fast transforms and privacy-aware learning.

My publications can be found on this page (manually updated list with pdf files and related content), Semantic Scholar or dblp. Some of my articles are also accessible on HAL (partial list), and arxiv. Slides of various talks can be found here.

For a resume, please contact me by email.